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Song Rui, general manager

  Jianping, general manager Kim Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a talented young 80, he has extraordinary corporate governance military strategy and keen market insight not belittle the industry peers, their courage and daring sea fighting spirit to get Ganpin leaders at all levels of provincial, city and county concerns, its scientific orientation of enterprises, employees of humane management, dedication to the community, as well as his innovation, honesty and trustworthiness of enterprise development strategy has been the community's approval and praise.

  He had just 30 somethings in the fierce competition in the sea capability, able to stand out in the talent of the ceramic industry, thanks to his diligent good habits, thanks to his pragmatic and competent. He is the vice chairman of Jianping County Federation, he is in charge of nearly 1,000 employees, General Manager Song Rui private enterprise Kim Jianping Ceramics Co., Ltd.!

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