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Innovative let Chinese Ceramics re respect
Updated:2010-7-9 13:46:20

Has a history of 5,000 years of Chinese ceramics, have long been shut out even in modern Italy Bologna exhibition, it is indeed chilling. Ceramic industry to adhere to the introduction of digestion, innovation, transformation and upgrading, so that the world will no longer respected Chinese ceramics

English, "China" there is a word meaning "ceramics", which originated in China five thousand years of ceramic history. In ancient times, Chinese ceramics are competing collection of luxury European aristocracy. Once upon a time, a great production, exports a lot of Chinese ceramics in the international arena is considered to be synonymous with "mimicry, low-quality low-cost".

The ceramic industry's top Italian Bologna Exhibition of Chinese enterprises have been quite a long time not to open booths, everywhere we go there to be looked down upon - and more expensive also refused to close out exhibition, people rush to visit the exhibition hall we go, want to make a photo to leave a read confiscated cameras, want to learn a lot like a thief. This is indeed chilling! Last year, we finally represent China in the Bologna exhibition, brought travertine, shocked the international experts, is considered the world's most like stone tiles. I and my colleagues did feel a little proud - Chinese ceramics should get back some respect, right? This implies that the entire industry adhere to innovation, continuous transformation and upgrading of the struggle of the road.

As the most important of building and sanitary ceramics production and distribution base, the development of Foshan has gone through three stages: introduction, digestion, innovation, transformation and upgrading. In 2008, we prospectively in the construction of a China Foshan Ceramics Industry Headquarters. Those corporate headquarters base in the manufacturing sector has been transferred out to retain in Foshan. Then, the boss to retain, retain the talent, the brand retain, retain the R & D, the tax to retain, retain the culture, the most important thing is to keep the root of Foshan ceramics. Ever since, the original manufacturing services become reborn, into sales, research and development, services, planning, exhibition, logistics, culture, entertainment and even commercial real estate, I think this is the transformation.

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