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China Ceramic Import and Export Statistics 2014
Updated:2014-7-24 12:53:40

  According to Chinese industry insight net understood 2013 ink domestic production increased from the original 10% to 30%, we estimate that by the end of 2014 will reach 50% of domestic ink, if you press each ink-jet flower machine average 10 tons per year calculated , the 2013 market of ceramic ink is 20,000 tons.
    Chinese tile production
China currently has more than 1,400 tile factory, 3500 production line, in 2013 the industry was 383.1 billion yuan revenue, an increase of 17.43% over 2012, profit rose 24.55%, total 9.69 billion square meters, an increase of 7.8%. This is since 2004, following the 2012, once again bid farewell to double-digit growth. From China in 2004 to 2013 in all tile production, you can see growth in 2004 to 2011 are eight double-digit, which in 2004 and 2006 more than 20%, only 3.35% in 2012, 2013 7.8%.
Explain the total 9.609 billion square meters. 2012 Italy reported global production of only 10.5 billion square meters, in 2013 China's output if minus exports 1.3 billion population has 6.3 square meters per capita. Many European friends will remember 2005 Spanish tile production is 609 million square meters, they are probably more than 300 million square meters of export and domestic consumption is 303 million square meters that year, when the population was 45.2 million, per capita consumption of 6.7 square meters, more than we are now level is still high.
     Import and export of ceramic tiles
     2012 We export data, is 1.086 billion square meters; 2013 exports 1.148 billion square meters, an increase of 5.71%. Exports in 2012 was $ 6.352 billion, 2013 was $ 7.894 billion, an increase of 24.26%; average price in 2012 was $ 5.85 / square meter, 2013 was $ 6.88 / square meter, an increase of 17.61%. Despite China's progress has been great, but better than Italy in 2012 the average export price 12.7 euros / square meter difference too far away. This is the 2006 to 2013 all export data from China, here is the export volume, export value there is, in the last column is the average price from 2006 $ 3.14 / square meter to $ 6.88 / square meter, turning a times.
     One billion square meters of Chinese exports in the world think it is a very scary data, because the world's second largest producer of ceramic tile production in Brazil each year, only 800 million square meters. We want to see China's ceramic tile exports only 12% of national output, and Spain in 2012 exports accounted for 73.26%, accounting for 78.75 percent of Italy. This is the 2009 to 2013 data export to major countries in the world, the EU anti-dumping, the top ten countries which do not have a European country, in 2013 exports of more than 1.1 billion square meters of tiles, imported only 5.04 million square meters. I believe that as China's living standards improve, Italian tiles, Spanish tiles there are a lot of opportunities to enter China. This amount is more export, we export about 7.9 billion dollars and imports about 80 million dollars, the average export price is 6.88 dollars, the average import price is 16 dollars, just doubled. China still faces many tiles anti-dumping, in 2013 we have also been Brazil's anti-dumping investigation.
     Tile domestic product structure and channels
     At present, China accounts for 35 percent tiles, wall tiles 24%, 15% outside the wall, antique tiles 12%, 10% marble tiles, ceramic stone 1%, other 3%. Inkjet printing product application would affect a large tile products. Will increase the sheet on the market.
The channel, the regional agency more than 80% the proportion of branch own control terminal is less than 5%, building materials supermarket is about 10%, less than 5% electricity supplier. Our new marketing trends: Chinese tile brand concentration continues to improve, direct sales to the construction and real estate projects to increase the proportion of "whole home" comprehensively promote the other channels continue to sink.
     Changes in upstream
     In 2013 the number of domestic market sales of press over 1100 units, of which 10 percent is imported, mainly in Italy, as well as 90 percent is produced domestically. Another is to spend machines and inkjet ink, by the end of 2013, the online operation of ceramic inkjet devices is expected to exceed 2,000 units, currently at about 2,400 units, domestic production accounted for about 80%, from Italy, Spain imports account for about 20% .

     Inkjet printing machine market share estimated by the end of this year will reach 3,000 units. We have a lot of technological innovation revolves around making inkjet printing, including inkjet and widely used water-based inks, the domestic legal system began to explore the application of dry powder, the current Italian MS company, LB's products have not yet entered the Chinese market, Although there are applications in Europe and Brazil.

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