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Ceramic industry's first safety standards forthcoming
Updated:2014-7-24 12:55:39
Recently, the reporter in the Chinese Ceramic Society building and sanitary ceramics Ceramics Branch Professional Committee meeting that 2014 academic year, led by China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, for the ceramic industry to develop a "safety standards" will be presented in the 2014 draft, 2015 revision is completed, 2016 ('thirteen five' first year) started. According to the Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Miao Bin, it will be China's first building and sanitary ceramics history standardize production safety standards, "Now companies, 70% of all non-compliance, the need for transformation." Bartholomew Bin said.
At 15:00 on May 25, Guangxi Yu Hao Teng County Ceramic Industrial Park plant in a ceramic workshop fire, fire site is a production workshop carton warehouse, library stacked with cardboard boxes, plastic foam and other items.
    June 7, 4:00 Ling Chen, Ying County, Suining County Industrial Park, City of Fu Xi Lai tile a workshop fire, resulting in a large number of tiles stacked inside the plant finished machine production of raw materials burned, there were no casualties.
     June 11 morning, a ceramic enterprises in Sichuan Jiajiang County town welders through the open area due to improper operation, which sparked a fire, causing the plant burned more than 3,000 square meters, the direct economic loss of hundreds of thousands, but the enterprise production did not cause a big impact.
     July 13 evening 8:00, Guangdong Chaozhou day of serious gas explosion ceramics factory. The main reason is the Chaozhou ceramic fire illegal workers welding work, igniting flammable materials warehouse stacked stacking. Since the fuel used in ceramic sanitary ware companies in the production process, flammable materials, especially used in the production of a large number of ceramic gas, water, gas and other fuels, in hot weather is apt to cause a fire or explosion.
     Fire hazards ceramic enterprises are mainly concentrated in the warehouse packing material, fuel gas warehouse, workshop and finished firing positions. These warehouses are often flammable, explosive materials storage areas, fire safety measures to be more stringent. From the above fire incident, not difficult to find, packaging materials are also a security risk. Countries in terms of interior decoration and insulation, also disable flammable substances.
     Revival technical director Han Fang Hao Xinyang Industry Co., Ltd. believes that since the beginning of summer, ceramic enterprises fires occur frequently, although the weather continued high temperatures, but it also exposed ceramic enterprise security awareness is weak. Careless use of fire caused by business reasons, generally flare gas station maintenance, welding and other fire and other ceramics factory maintenance outsourcing more safety oversight of outsourced maintenance units and ineffective. Second, the illegal operation, three are spontaneous combustion, coal summer prone to spontaneous combustion phenomenon.
     Preventive measures, has been the policy of fireproof ceramic enterprises. To this end, the sun Tan Gold Asian Ceramics Co., Ltd. Human Resources Centre Manager believes that companies should step up publicity, prevention, strengthen supervision, security and fire control operations carried out daily inspection system; open up special security isolation area, such as smoking, non-smoking to ban open flame zones.
     From the institutional building, Han revival believe can be prevented by the system construction and implementation of fire, one R & D responsibility for the design department, needs and product planning and design from the factory to start; Second, the HR department should do a special job to be certified, there must be full fire training, job training; third is the production sector, strict job training and job security responsibility assessment should; Fourth, establish a comprehensive emergency management system of all personnel.

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