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China Ceramics Painting Exhibition Haikou carry 180 works can be visited free
Updated:2014-7-24 13:06:34
South China Sea Network Haikou November 9 news (South China Sea Network reporter Chen Wang) November 9, "China Dream porcelain Love - Chinese ceramic painting artwork Hainan Exhibition" held at the Hainan Provincial Library. The exhibition features a variety of works of about 180, the public is free to visit.
The first day of the exhibition attracted many residents and tourists to visit, so many people work beautifully eye-opener. Scene, ceramic artists and artists from Jingdezhen who also performed the scene, Hainan audiences ceramic painting the creative process, especially how to create a vivid and beautiful works of art on white porcelain.
According to Mr. Jiangxi Jingdezhen China Ceramic Painting Art Academy Leader Xu Tong introduced pottery painting to ceramics as the name suggests the creation of "paper", after repeated firing on oil painting, and some also require multiple firing and several paintings in order to create complete, consumption relatively longer time and success rate is not too high. Smooth ceramic material for easy creation, you can save time is very long, rich colors and lifelike paintings, by many people's favorite.
"The art of the colorful, lifelike surface morphology of realistic painting on ceramics now, for many people is very strange, it's rare to see related works." Xu Tong told reporters that the exhibition is the hospital ceramic painting artwork debut Hainan class library, a variety of works on display 180, the vast majority of the ceramic plate painting and a small ceramic ornaments (such as porcelain, porcelain altar, etc.) painting, and is divided into painting series, blue series , pastels series and colorful series, mainly for landscapes and portraits.
In addition, to enhance the interactive and educational activities, the site also opened a children's activity area, a lot of kids to help parents and artists in the next, participate and learn ceramic painting.
Reportedly, the exhibition by the Jiangxi Jingdezhen China Ceramic Painting Art Academy, organized Hainan Library Association. November 9 - November 15, 2009, the general public visitors and ceramic art lovers, will be free admission to the provincial library.

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