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Build your network and ceramic ceramic sanitary ware industry brand road
Updated:2010-7-7 9:05:58

March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day, since the International Consumers Union was launched in 1983, so that consumers receive attention in the world, will improve its position, to better protect the interests of consumers. China is a socialist country, the government, businesses and consumers is consistent with the fundamental interests. China has a system which determines the basic work to do to safeguard consumer rights, economic base and social foundation. In China, tens of thousands of consumer organizations, consumer rights on the road, from hard to smooth, of which much effort by the government, civil society organizations from each other results.
Chinese market with the development of commodity economy, there are some negative factors such damage to the interests of consumers, government, businesses and consumers are top-down and bottom-up method of combining together to solve these problems. Ceramic industry in recent years, anti-invasion pin which is not cool hot through them. From 2010 EU ceramics largest anti-dumping case, the 2011 EU intends to put Chinese exports ceramics to up to 73% tax rate. No phone-in this war, excluding the cause of his country, China To maintain Kokuyo ceramic enterprises to safeguard their brand, when ceramics from their own brand and quality start.
In the information transparency, information superhighway today, the power of the network can not be ignored. Thus, by the power of the ceramic network by network, on the occasion of March 15, 2011 World Consumer Rights Day, the grand launch of the opening years of the first shot, "3 · 15 lit Chinese consumer reputation of Chinese enterprises long way to go" as the theme network topics, with emphasis on quality, consumer focus, focus alignment rights, and to investigate selected the "315 industry's most trusted five strong consumer brand." Then on was rated the top five companies make a public report, through corporate interviews, product reviews and other comprehensive analysis, released to the various platforms through the ceramic network alliance platform.

Thematic content congregation ceramic sanitary ware companies 3.15 shopping guide promotions, special offers information. Ceramic network for the current ceramic sanitary ware industry will hide the identity of reporters visited various markets, to understand the business enterprise showrooms in quality of service, product quality, consumer word of mouth and other information, combined with graphics, video, real-time reports. Topics respectively ceramics, sanitary ware, decorative lists three categories of enterprises exhibited for the information of consumers; collecting ceramics little knowledge, the church how consumers buy products, maintenance products; through late contrast, selected the "315 most industry with the top five consumers trust the brand, "and on March 25 the list will be published commentary enterprise; ad hoc exchange area, so that more people join 315 action.
To truly responsible for the consumer, started the reputation of China Ceramic Sanitary consumption, establish industry brand model, ceramic visited network will be carefully selected companies, from corporate philosophy, corporate culture, product quality, consumer word of mouth, etc. respect to consumption standard inspection with a view filter out most trusted consumer brands. Ceramic net issue will feature video interviews, product evaluation, so that consumers face ceramic brand, to stay at home, to know the world of ceramic brand effect.
Ceramic Network is a comprehensive network B2B2C platform, in addition to consumers, ceramic sanitary ware companies, dealers, designers are also ceramic network regulars, excellent in helping consumers choose products I realized, it will help companies, dealers achieve brand promotion, which allows the interests of businesses and consumers to unity. Therefore, ceramic mesh with the new revamped comprehensive package to help Jian Zhen brand into the market, will achieve network distribution, in order to achieve the dealers want a search through an online agent that is able to reflect its corporate reputation and strength, consumers want the decoration by network a search, results appear instantly recommended products companies.
Following the March 2 gorgeous ceramic net comprehensive revision upgrade, borrow from 3.15 World Consumer Rights Day, ceramic network smitten again, for consumer demand, tailored for consumers, ceramics, distributors , network designers to participate in the topic, so stay tuned this "3 · 15 lit Chinese consumer reputation of Chinese enterprises long way to go" feature. Watch ceramics, ceramic net 315 thematic concerns.

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