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Ceramic hard into the mainstream online store
Updated:2010-7-7 9:08:00
In recent years, the rapid development of China's Internet has achieved, the net number of people were also rapidly rising China, with a wide range of network applications in social production and daily life, Taobao opened the era of e-commerce, it is also Taobao's success led to a series of the e-commerce platform, such as pat, Jingdong Mall, Dangdang, Eslite, McCaw and other mushroomed to grow up quickly, e-commerce concept a fad, and the network will buy more e-commerce model is pushed to a new height. The home industry is also seen this huge market potential, in addition to physical stores began to open a professional online store, convenient online shopping consumers, and with free home delivery service, in order to stimulate consumer desire to buy, and thus more rapid occupation of the consumer groups.
According to my understanding, the flooring industry, the first to enter e-commerce model, year, macro-resistant flooring, Bell floors, floor boards and other long-Sheng flooring brands have established many online mall stores, to develop a new model of network marketing; this year, buy a wardrobe and other models market in Chengdu popular. I firmly believe that companies build brand online store, not follow the crowd, but now due to the trading model of e-commerce has become increasingly accepted by consumers, which is an inevitable trend of development of the industry mature. B2C trading enterprises to adopt this mode, such as online sales and offline sales combined, the aim is to have regard to use this sales channel to get more sales, on the other hand is the use of the network that is now being audience widely accepted platform for product promotion. So, for the Chinese historical and cultural heritage of the ceramic industry, the availability of network marketing model? With this problem I visited the Chengdu market.
Network to promote the role played hard to become the main marketing
Today ceramics store sales model focused on marketing entity, although there are many ceramic brand opened its online store, but turnover is always deserted, perhaps six months would be a deal, at least for now it seems that can not be compared to the entity sold. The entire ceramics industry, the use of e-commerce model only Jingdezhen Ceramic more general companies and dealers in the choice still choose physical store sales, although the online store investment is small, but because of the special properties of the ceramic industry, let the network occupy a larger proportion of sales in the current view basic unrealistic. However, those opened its online store ceramic enterprises, even not satisfactory in terms of sales, at least in terms of branding can play a role in fueling, but also eliminates the need for an advertising spending, so-called "named online sales, real for network promotion. "
"Ceramic themselves are fragile, need to send in the online sale of goods to customers, and will increase the cost of the transport process to avoid loss, fragmentation of the case if the event, you will need to re-shipped to the customer, so that the extension of the trading cycle. on the other hand, the development of ceramics in China for thousands of years, has a profound historical and cultural heritage, the product above pattern also requires consumers to visit the site in order to truly appreciate alone, the picture on the web is difficult to obtain effect, therefore, to e-commerce model to play a larger role in the ceramic industry is basically impossible. "Chengdu, a brand agent in the case told reporters.
Lack of professional ceramic sales site
Market display, along with the rapid development of e-commerce industry, although there are a variety of ceramic type sites continue to rise, but until now they still do not have a professional ceramic sales site. Therefore, for this particular ceramic industry, the development of e-commerce will definitely start there is a certain degree of difficulty, the outlook is not optimistic. At present, the domestic large and small businesses over 20 million ceramic, even to the time of a professional ceramic sales site appears, so many companies products are put online, visual effects, due to the picture presented by the presence of certain deceptive, so it is easy to cause some problems to consumers, to the satisfaction of the product in order to buy time probably spotted a few days and nights are forever. And now comes with a ceramic product online mall mostly rest on the site, it is difficult to advertising done, this sales model is difficult to establish a brand and corporate image, is not conducive to long-term sales strategy products.
My opinion, if the ceramic industry in order to learn other industry into the online sales model, at least with professional ceramic sales site, otherwise the help of other e-commerce platform will finally find a way to drill a dead end. How to build a professional ceramic sales site also determines the success of online sales to some extent, ceramic or not.

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