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What contemporary ceramic enterprises lack?
Updated:2010-7-7 9:16:21
  "Clever head not long-haired," the gang, believe in "A World Without Thieves" in prophetic to say the phrase "of the 21st century is the greatest shortages of talent," Today, this phrase has been the community more and more sure.
   "From now on ceramic enterprise point of view, capital, technology, quality has become a basic precipitation, ie, do not have these conditions, you have no way to participate in the competition to come." New Pearl Group Vice President Lee Chung-kwong think "But the corporate culture and talent, will be key to the success of future competition decision."
    Coincidentally, the general manager of extraordinary development in recent years, which started in the equipment industry reputation of a tripod Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Yang Yang also said that "doing business as a marathon, it may not come out to see the short term, but in the long run, be able to adhere to to the final, outstanding achievements, must be the company has a good corporate culture. "
    Wednesday, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics Jin Bei in a forum that "30 years ago, most entrepreneurs would say that the most important issue is funding; 20 years ago, the entrepreneur is most lacking technology, because it was China's product quality is relatively poor; 10 years ago, most of them will tell you that now is the lack of project; and now, ask these entrepreneurs, they would say the greatest shortages of talent and corporate culture. "
     Indeed, the building of enterprise culture, ambitious enterprise evergreen topics are all determined to lofty entrepreneurs could not avoid, and should be done early break to seek compulsory. But now, from a national point of view, the development dimension of ceramic enterprises are not the same, as Lee Chung-kwong pointed out, "There are babies were born there babbling of infants, children learn, there are naive romantic teenager there energetic youth, there are also teachers mature vision. "
     So, on these different stages of development of ceramic enterprises, they have no lack of consistency it?
     For large companies within the Fortune 500, we have done countless interpretations, but which one is the closest to the truth of it please you to answer the following questions:? McDonald's profit Cola rely rely rely on Wal-Mart profit?? profit?
     Of course, almost all people know that McDonald's is a burger, Coca-Cola is selling drinks, while Wal-Mart thing, is that the parity of the big supermarket thing.
     Well, your answer is very correct. However, if we add even more perfect: McDonald's success is that it's not how good burger, but that it has a very precise location of the commercial real estate program. Before every McDonald's store opening, it will do very detailed flow of people and local market consumption capacity survey, its accuracy has become a large-scale commercial properties attract all rental weathervane.
     Coca-Cola's success, not the number of drinks sold, but that it became a symbol of American culture, as the global activities of the United States Army during World War II and the successful expansion. The key is that it completely solves the problem of raw material standardization, enrichment plant plus bottling plant differentiated solutions, making it off-site expansion does not affect the quality difference, but also reduces the leakage of core technologies, lack of high-end talent pool problems.
     Wal-Mart, how can rely on selling cheap goods and achievements of the super-rich? We may not know is that Wal-Mart's logistics, called the world's most advanced system. It's cheap, not by lowering the price achieved, but on the precise process control, real-time provisioning and achieve.
     Recently, some enterprises have emerged in some areas of ceramic sluggish sales situation. In my opinion, it perhaps comes from the reasons above three aspects: first, when the factories of failed market capacity for the entire region and make a detailed investigation of radiation; second, failed to resolve differences between remote management and quality question; third, behind the logistics system, making sales has been limited radius, failed to effectively release inventory.
     And these three, will be the most important element of logistics. As Yang Yang said, "then the Foshan ceramics have been able to stand out from the first batch of ceramic production, one of the key points is to rely on the Foshan Pearl River into the sea by strong water transport logistics capabilities."

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