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2014 Exhibition of ceramic sanitary ware in western China will meet the media
Updated:2010-7-7 9:16:21
July 22 16:30 pm, 2014 Western China International Exhibition of ceramic sanitary ware (referred to as "Western Tao Wei Exhibition") media briefing held in the new media industry park. Shaanxi West Tao Exhibition Co., Ltd. ("West Pottery Exhibition Company") Cheng Fei, deputy general manager, said: "We will use the Internet thinking, to create the most practical, the most grounded gas a show."
Help exhibitors Nuggets Midwest
According to reports, the current western Tao Wei exhibition organizers are the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industries Division of raw materials, Shaanxi Province Industry and Information Technology Department, China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., Xianyang Ceramics Research Institute, Tao City newspaper, Undertaker Shaanxi West pottery exhibition Co., Show Time 2014 November 7 to 10, the exhibition venue for Xi'an Qujiang international Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Cheng Fei Introducing the exhibition-related cases, said: "Now the channels of information developed, to attend the show is not a unique choice - play has changed, the old system will collapse thinking we will use the Internet to create the most practical, the most grounded gas. a show. "According to Cheng Fei introduced in 2014 to help the western Tao wei Fair Exhibitors bigger and stronger Midwest market as the goal.
When asked why they choose Xi'an Fairs, as one of the organizers of the "Tao City News" said the director of the CMC Li Xinliang, enter 2014, rising raw materials, real estate regulation, sluggish domestic demand, export Difficult, continued weakness in the ceramic industry, twists and turns constantly, increasing the pressure on the enterprise to survive, this ceramic enterprises have significantly accelerated the pace of market development, while the Midwest market is the focus of many enterprises to explore the area. He told the participants that the West is currently China's most economically vibrant regions, with the advance of a new round of western development strategy, the West has become a huge business compete for market share, while Northwest has the most potential for development or currently a hot spot. He called Xi'an as the center of the 8 hours logistics circle, two hours putting on high-speed rail, 500 km radius of the economic circle, the direct radiation in the western region more than ten provinces and cities.
Thinking of the concept of the Internet community
It is understood that, as exhibitors upstream and downstream distributors, developers, designers and other professional buyers exchange platform, western Tao Wei exhibition has its three position: directly to the terminal, occupying the market; small size, low cost, high return; professional development, creativity Fair, famous Outlets Show. According to Cheng Fei, the "direct access to the terminal, occupying the market," that is, using the Internet and most pragmatic way of thinking, integration of resources, combined with the depth of the central and western provinces such as Shaanxi Province Seven Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, Chongqing Real Estate Development Association and other real estate, design, strong association decorative areas, purchasing alliances, buy and promotional platform for the exhibition organization of professional buyers. The "small size, low cost, high return" would mean doing flourishing popularity, governance reform, "a large area, high-cost, low return," the traditional exhibition model for exhibitors to achieve "a small area, low cost, high return." Cheng Fei told reporters that the current exhibition, single-brand companies do not allow more than 200 square meters exhibition area, in booth design also advocated creativity. And "professional development, creative development, Famous Outlets Show" specific performance: 90% of the booth for tile bathroom products; require products to exhibitors from the show booth design have shown innovation and creativity; hold large buy promotional activities.
In the introduction process, Cheng Fei repeatedly stressed the organizers to use the Internet to guide thinking a change. He said, "We focus on the user experience, focused target market and professional audiences; strive to achieve the ultimate products and services, to achieve the ultimate popularity activities; We adhere to each have innovation, every activity has changed; We attach importance to fans spread, inviting design biggest names in the industry celebrities participation; exhibition data we use to help clients analyze market; we are committed to opening the exhibition building, sharing, win-win platform. "
Subsequently, Li Xinliang on the "Internet thinking" to supplement the core of the Internet thinking he believes is the "low-cost, high return." He also thought that the Internet is to understand the Internet, rather than rely on the Internet.
Six upgraded to create the industry's first exhibition in western
Cheng Fei told the gathering of media representatives, this exhibition has two extended three platforms, five and six major upgrade strategy. Two terminal extension are vertical markets (such as the formation of one hundred people Corps), the lateral home industry - combined home building materials companies to provide consumers with the brand alliance living space renovation overall solution. The three platforms is the business collaboration platform, product display platform and information exchange platform. Five respectively strategy is international, professional, high-end, differentiated and effective technology. Cheng Fei focuses on six major upgrade (upgrades are organized, specification upgrades, promotion upgrades, service upgrades, escalation and value upgrade).
It is understood that participation fees Tao Wei Western Fair exhibition is about two-thirds of the participation fee, the standard booth (3m × 3m) charges - a 8800 yuan of domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises 9,800 yuan a; indoor light charges - domestic enterprise 800 yuan one square meter, one square meter of foreign enterprises 980 yuan. Li Xinliang flow this year is expected to be 20,000, after which he hopes to be able to increase 10,000 square meters of exhibition space and 10,000 traffic annually.

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