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Chinese ceramic art exhibition debut Louvre
Updated:2010-7-7 9:16:21
International online news: According to Xinhua News Agency, China and France established diplomatic relations as one to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary celebration of "visual porcelain Dunhuang, China" China Ceramic Art Exhibition, to carry out the Louvre in Paris, France on the 17th. Exhibits Dunhuang for the creation theme, manifested in the form of ceramic, highlighting the fusion of two representative Chinese culture.
According to the organizer, a total of 93 Chinese ceramic artists of 135 units, a total of 1,353 single-piece contemporary pottery boutique attended the exhibition.
The exhibition is organized by "past, present and future" three exhibition halls. "In the past Hall" show a variety of effects on porcelain Chinese porcelain technology today can achieve. "Now Hall" show Chinese artists on the contemporary porcelain art ideas, values ​​and ideas. The "Future Hall" focuses on a variety of porcelain on the future direction of the arts.
The "visual Dunhuang, China porcelain" China Ceramic Art Exhibition will be held 22 adjourned.

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