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Zibo Hualong settled ceramics giant bottle China Ceramic Museum
Updated:2010-7-7 9:16:21
   Zibo News Network, Reporter Wang Hui reported recently, a 6.6 m high giant ceramic bottle - Dream Chinese dragon bottle in front of Zibo Chinese Ceramics Museum debut, attracting many tourists have to take a photo. "Chinese Dream bottle settled Chinese Ceramics Museum, deserved, to fill a gap ceramics museum." China Ceramic Museum Senior Fellow Gow said.
    According to reports, this bottle is a giant Chinese dragon dreams Zichuan Longquan Town Zibo Chen Hao's Chinese ceramic design sculpture artist Jiwei cow lasted two years carefully created. Bottle height 6.6 m, maximum diameter of 2.38 meters, 1.08 meters bottle diameter, bottom diameter of 1.32 m, 0.36 m maximum relief, weighing 6.6 tons, by 1260 degree heat once fired. Two dragon plate ring to the entire bottle, lifelike, both badly of momentum, there are clouds of majesty. Long relief height of over 30 cm, meaning the nation like a dragon fly, the prosperity, Jiangshan Yong solid, flat (bottles) Ann, a total of Yuan Chinese dream. 2013, Guinness World selected ceramics giant bottle.

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