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China Ceramic Museum located in Changping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Branch
Updated:2010-7-7 9:16:21
July 12, China Ceramic Museum Guangdong branch was officially settled in Dongguan Changping. In the future, the Friends of Tibet at the gates of the Guangdong able to Amoy authentic boutique Jingdezhen Ceramic masters.
It is reported that China Ceramic Museum is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Branch Yellow Changping Town street from Changping Railway Station, Dongguan East Railway Station is only ten minutes away by car. The sub-curator Hu Xiaoping introduced as one branch of Chinese ceramics museum, where the works are from the main library, mostly porcelain altar famous contemporary art master the art treasures. Among them, there are many Chinese ceramic art "dean" Mr. Wang Xiliang handwritten inscription, second son of King Juan Wang Xiliang protege 胡忠胜 works and works and so on.
In the museum of the first appearance of more than 300 works, there is a "greatest treasures" - "Guiguzi uphill." "" Guiguzi mountain "was in many cities tour, very interesting." Hu Xiaoping, the "One reason is that the works from Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Masters 胡忠胜 hand, I also Hu's finest creations, and the second reason is that it is the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain "Guiguzi down" is echoed to make, there is a very high value. "

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